How do you packing the ceramic plates and how to delivery

Normally we will packing the ceramic plates with the export wooden box with Styrofoam and PE Foam. See attached packing photo.


What's the delivery date?

e.g 300x250mm Ceramic Armor Plates, quantity 20k, around 25-30 days.  Due to most of the shape we have existing mould, the delivery time will be very soon.

Best Services

Our team will give our customer the quick response, including quotaion, sample test, technical questions, delivery etc.
Free samples will be provided if customers need 

R&D Support

KETAO R&D composed of 12 experts in the field of Armor&Defence ceramics, we will work with our customers to provide the advanced Armor & Defence ceramic solutions.

Huge Capacity

Covers an area of 8,500 square meters factory
120 Employees 
2700 Tons Pressing Machine- 3 Sets
900 Tons Pressing Machine- 15 Sets
Shuttle Kilns-6
Vacuum Sintering Furnaces-15
Annual 1000 Tons of bulletproof ceramics

Top Quality

First batch of KETAO customer is military, our workshop always keep the strictest military grade standards for our ceramic mass-produciton, there are several rigorous inspection in each production process, including packaging. Most of KETAO customers are recurring, among them defense integrators, contractors and fabricators from all of the world.

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