Based on decades of advanced ceramics mass-production experiences and huge capacity, KETAO provide top quality ceramic products for body, vehicle and aircraft armor.

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Focus on the ballistic protection ceramics over 20 years, Hunan Ketao China Industry CO.,Ltd(KETAO CERAMICS) is the world leader manufacturer in ballistic protection ceramics filed.

KETAO is a absolute advance protective ceramic manufacturer and developer. We are never compete with our customers. KETAO work with key partners to develop the most robust, cost-effective designs that provide advance ceramic solutions and set standards in terms of maintaining the tightest tolerances and reaching the highest level of ballistic protection.

Based on the gigantic output capacity and extensive mass-production experience, KETAO provide top quality ceramic products with extremely cost-effective price, including Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide(RBSiC), Sintered Silicon Carbide(SSiC), Boron Carbide(B4C), Alumina products which can meet the latest US, German and British body armor standards and are regularly tested in accredited international ballistic laboratories.

Hunan Ketao China Industry Co.,Ltd is the world leader manufacturer in ignition electrodes.